Welcome to the Artist Help Network, which is based on the Appendix of Resources of Caroll Michels' book How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul (New York: Henry Holt & Company). Michels is a career coach and artist-advocate (www.carollmichels.com)

The Artist Help Network is a work in progress and is continually being updated. Please note that the Web site is strictly an online career resource, and does not offer advice or feedback.

The resources listed on this Web site focus primarily on subjects of interest to fine artists. People working in the applied arts, arts administration, and arts-related fields will also find the site helpful.

Each category on the left unfolds into numerous sub categories, offering an abundance of regional, national and international resources designed to help artists take control of their careers .

Use of the site is free. Resources cited are listed for information purposes and are not endorsements.

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