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Organizations are listed in alphabetical order by name.
ACT Insurance, 260 S. 2500 West, Suite 303, Pleasant, UT 84066,
Email: info@actinspro.com
URL: www.actinspro
Description: Offers a variety of insurance programs for artists, including short-term and long-term policies at reasonable rates.
American Craft Council, 1224 Marshall Street NE, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55413-1036,
Email: council@craftcouncil.org
URL: www.craftcouncil.org
Description: Offers members discounted property and casualty insurance, work in transit insurance, coverage for business contents on and off premises -- and while at shows.
CARFAC Ontario, 440-401 Richmond Street West, Toronto ON M5V 3A8, Canada,
URL: www.assurart.com
Description: Offers studio, artwork, and transit insurance through ASSURART. CARFAC members receive a 15% group discount.
Fireman's Fund Insurance, 777 San Marin Drive, Novato, CA 94998,
URL: www.firemansfund.com
Description: Offers a fine art policy that provides coverage for individuals in the fine arts and entertainment fields.
Fractured Atlas, 248 W. 35th Street, Suite 1202, New York, NY 10001,
Email: helpdesk@fracturedatlas.org
URL: www.fracturedatlas.org
Description: A nonprofit organization that offers many support services to artist-members throughout the United States, including liability insurance.
Huntington T. Block, Offices in Washington, DC, New York, Houston,, and San Francisco. See Web site for details.,
URL: www.huntingtontblock.com
Description: Offers individual artists various forms of insurance, including artwork in domestic or international transit, studio, equipment, materials and furnishings, and business operations. www.huntingtonblock.com
Johnsonese Brokerage, 3660 N Lake Shore Dr Suite 2602, Chicago, IL 60613,
Email: info@johnsonese.com
URL: www.johnsonese.com
Description: Provides insurance services for artists, including studio insurance. Independent agent who obtains quotes from multiple companies.
K&K Insurance Group, Inc., P.O. Box 2338, Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2338,
URL: www.kandkinsurance.com
Description: Provides liability insurance for artists. See "Concessionaires, Exhibitors & Vendors" area of their Web site.

Ontario Crafts Council, 990 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1H1 Canada,
Email: info@craft.on.ca
URL: www.craft.on.ca
Description: Members are eligible for business and liability insurance.

Publications are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Title: Business of Art (The)
Author/Editor: edited by Lee Caplin
Description: Revised edition. See "Insuring Artwork and the Artist" by Huntington T. Block
Publisher: Prentice Hall Press
Publication Date: 2000
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Title: Caring for Your Art. A Guide for Artists, Collectors, and Art Institutions
Author/Editor: Jill Snyder and Joseph Montague
Description: Revised edition. Provides information on insuring art in the studio, home, or gallery; while in transit; and when on display.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 2001
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