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Organizations are listed in alphabetical order by name.
International Licensing Industry Merchandiserís Association, 350 Fifth Avenue, suite 1409, New York, NY 10118,
URL: www.licensing.org
Description: Web site makes available to all users a database of licensing agents. Offers members access to other services, including a membership networking database, and a 1,600-page Worldwide Licensing Resource Directory. Also sponsors an annual International Licensing Exposition and Conference.

Publications are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Title: Fine Artist's Career Guide (The): Making Money in the Arts and Beyond
Author/Editor: Daniel Grant
Description: Revised edition. See section on "Licensing."
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 2004
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Title: Licensing Art 101. Publishing and Licensing Your Artwork for Profit
Author/Editor: Michael Woodward
Description: Revised edition. Includes information about conducting business with the publishing and licensing industry. Includes contacts in the industry, including names, addresses, phone numbers, Web sites, and the type of art each company is seeking.
Publisher: ArtNetwork
Publication Date: 2007
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Title: Licensing Art and Design
Author/Editor: Caryn R. Leland
Description: Revised edition. A comprehensive guide to the mechanics of licensing images for use on apparel, ceramics, posters, stationery, and many other products.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 1995
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Title: Licensing Letter Sourcebook
Description: Revised. Includes the names of licensing agents with contact information and a list of properties they represent.
Publisher: EPM Communications, Inc.
Publication Date: 2011
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Title: Licensing Photography
Author/Editor: Richard Weisgrau and Victor S. Perlman
Description: Written by a photographer and intellectual property attorney. Provides advice on writing licensing agreements, prices the value of licenses, and how to successfully negotiate fees.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 2006
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Title: Twenty Steps to Art Licensing: How to Sell Your Designs to Card and Gift Companies
Author/Editor: Kate Harper
Description: Provides information on how to license your art to companies that publish greeting cards, and manufacture coffee mugs, magnets, wall hangings, kitchen items, and dozens of other gift items. Covers 20 basic steps from how to prepare your art, to what companies to contact. It includes topics on: How to find agents, classes and what trade shows to attend. There are extensive resources on social media, licensing community groups, copyrights, and lists of interviews with professional designers.
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Publication Date: 2010
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Periodicals are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Title: Licensing Letter (The)
Description: A guide to licensing contacts, trends and deals. Published 22 times a year.
Frequency: Other
Publisher: EPM Communications, Inc.
Publisher's Address: The Licensing Letter, EPM Communications, Inc., 160 Mercer Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012,
URL: www.epmcom.com

Web Sites are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Title: License It
Description: An article about licensing art by Cheryl Phelps. Published by the Graphic Artists Guild
URL: www.graphicartistsguild.org/tools_resources/license-it
Title: To Sell Or To Rent: The Difference Between Copyright License and Transfer
Description: An article by Jean S. Perwin. Published by the Graphic Artists Guild.
URL: www.graphicartistsguild.org/tools_resources/to-sell-or-to-rent