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Periodicals are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Title: BarterNews
Description: Includes information and ideas about bartering and contacts.
URL: www.barternews.com

Web Sites are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Title: Artbusiness.com
Description: "Bartering Art? Donít Forget the Tax Man,Ē by Alan Bamberger.
URL: www.artbusiness.com/barter.html
Title: Gigafree
Description: Lists barter exchanges on the Internet and in the United States and in Canada.
URL: www.gigafree.com/barter.html
Title: Krislyn's Strictly Business Sites
Description: Provides links to numerous business barter sites.
URL: www.strictlybusinesssites.com/barter.htm
Title: Our Goods
Description: A barter network for artists and designers in New York City. The site promotes the swapping of skills, services, space, labor, art objects, and much more.
URL: ourgoods.org