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Organizations are listed in alphabetical order by name.
American Association of Museums, 1575 Eye Street, NW, Suite 400, Washington DC 20005,
URL: www.aam-us.org
Description: Membership organization open to professional and volunteer museum staff, independent curators, and consultants.
American Craft Council, 1224 Marshall Street NE, Suite 200., Minneapolis, MN 55413-1036,
Email: council@craftcouncil.org
URL: www.craftcouncil.org
Description: Sponsors exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and international exchange and communications programs. Publishes American Craft.
American Print Alliance, 302 Larkspur Turn, Peachtree City, GA 30269-2210,
Email: director@printalliance.org
URL: www.printalliance.org
Description: A nonprofit consortium of printmakers councils. Publishes the journal Contemporary Impressions.
Americans for the Arts, 1000 Vermont Avenue, NW, 6th Floor, Washington DC 20005,
URL: www.artsusa.org
Description: An advocacy organization dedicated to advancing the arts and culture in communities throughout the U.S.A. Sponsors a Job Bank and a publications program that distributes career-related books for visual and performing artists.
Aperture Foundation, 547 W. 27th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001,
Email: info@aperture.org
URL: www.aperture.org
Description: Sponsors exhibitions, publications, research, and the Paul Strand Archive.
Art and Science Collaborations, Inc.,
Email: asci@asci.org
URL: www.asci.org
Description: Formed to raise public awareness about artists and scientists who use science and technology to explore new forms of creative expression, and increase communication and collaboration betweeen these fields.
Artists Network of Refuse and Resist, 305 Madison Avenue, #1166, New York, NY 10165,
Email: infony@artistsnetwork.org
URL: artists.refuseandresist.org
Description: Artists & arts presenters create and promote art that contributes to a culture of resistence. Sponsors events and projects. Also has an office in Los Angeles.
Arts and Healing Network, P.O. Box 276, Stinson Beach, CA 94970,
Email: ahn@artheals.org
URL: www.artheals.org
Description: An organization devoted to an exchange of information for those interested in the healing potential of art.
Arts Extension Service (The), University of Massachussetts Amherst, 223 Middlesex House, 111 Country Circle, Amherst, MA 01003,
Email: aes@acad.umass.edu
URL: www.umass.edu/aes
Description: Sponsors programs in arts management, business development, fund-raising, advocacy, leadership, and marketing. Also publishes and distributes books and guides.
Asian American Arts Alliance, Inc., 20 Jay Street, Suite 740, Brooklyn, NY, 11201,
Email: A4@aaartsalliance.org
URL: www.aaartsalliance.org
Description: Sponsors exhibitions, publications and programs for Asian-American artists. Tel: (212) 941-9208
Asian American Women Artists Alliance, 136 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215,
Email: info@aawaa.org
URL: www.aawaa.org
Description: Supports and promotes Asian American women artists in the visual, literary and performing arts. Sponsors exhibitions, performances, readings, and educational workshops and seminars that help artists develop their careers.
Blue Earth Alliance, P.O. Box 4490, Seattle, WA 98194,
URL: www.blueearth.org
Description: A membership organization devoted to exhibitions and photographic projects that educate the public about endangered cultures, threatened environments, and social concerns.
College Art Association, 50 Broadway, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10004,
Email: nyoffice@collegeart.org
URL: www.collegeart.org
Description: Offers members various services, including publications, access to an online career center, and discounts on various services and products.
Colored Pencil Society of America,
URL: www.cpsa.org
Description: Sponsors an annual exhibition, publishes a newsletter, and provides information on product research and pigment identification. Regional chapters throughout the U.S.
En Foco, 1738 Hone Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461,
Email: info@enfoco.org
URL: www.enfoco.org
Description: A national organization that supports contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of diverse cultures, primarily U.S. residents of Latino, Africa and Asian heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and the Pacific. Sponsors traveling exhibitions, an image library, registry, and publishes the journal Nueva Luz.
Fractured Atlas, 248 W. 35th Street, Suite 1202, New York, NY 10001,
Email: helpdesk@fracturedatlas.org
URL: www.fracturedatlas.org
Description: A nonprofit organization that offers many support services to artist-members throughout the United States, including fiscal sponsorship, legal services, and grants.
Friends of Fiber Art International, P.O. Box 468, Western Springs, IL 60558,
URL: www.friendsoffiberart.org
Description: Sponsors programs and exhibitions.
Glass Art Society (The), 6512 23rd Ave NW, Suite 329, Seattle, WA 98117,
Email: info@glassart.org
URL: www.glassart.org
Description: An international nonprofit organization that promotes the appreciation and development of glass arts. Publishes the Glass Art Society Journal and a bimonthly newsletter, and sponsors a conference.
Global Alliance for Arts & Health (formerly Society for the Arts in Healthcare), 2647 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20008,
URL: www.thesah.org
Description: Dedicated to the incorporation of the arts as an appropriate and integral component of health care. Members include physicians, nurses, medical students, arts administrators, architects, designers, and artists in all disciplines.
Graphic Artists Guild, 32 Broadway, Suite 1114, New York, NY 10004,
Email: admin@gag.org
URL: www.graphicartistsguild.org
Description: Advances the rights and interests of artists through legislative reform and organizes networking activities.
Guerrilla Girls,
URL: www.guerrillagirls.com
Description: A group of women visual and performing artists and writers dedicated to fighting discrimination.
Hand Papermaking, Inc., P.O. Box 1070, Beltsville, MD 20704-1070,
URL: www.handpapermaking.org
Description: Dedicated to advancing traditional and contemporary ideas in the art of hand papermaking.
Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.,
Email: hga@weavespindye.org
URL: www.weavespindye.org
Description: Provides forums for the education of handweavers, handspinners, basketmakers, and fiber artists in related disciplines.
International Sculpture Center, 14 Fairgrounds Road, Suite B, Hamilton, NJ 08619-3447,
URL: www.sculpture.org
Description: A nonprofit service organization for professional sculptors. Sponsors Portfolio, an on-line registry of more than 400 sculptors. Publishes "Sculpture."
Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, 756 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622,
Email: intuit@art.org
URL: www.art.org
Description: Recognizes the work of artists who demonstrate little influence from the mainstream art world and who are motivated by a unique personal vision. Sponsors exhibitions and programs.
Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation (The), 26 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10013,
URL: www.leslieloman.org
Description: A nonprofit organization committed to providing a forum to further the awareness, appreciation and preservation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer art. Sponsors a gallery, a newsletter and other programs.
National Association of Independent Artists,
URL: naia-artists.org
Description: Dedicated to the professional and economic success of its membership. Serves as an advocate for improving the profession of artists. Publishes a newsletter.
National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures, 1208 Buena Vista, San Antonio, TX 78207,
Email: info@nalac.org
URL: www.nalac.org
Description: The nation's leading nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to the promotion, advancement, development, and cultivation of the Latino arts field. Sponsors workshops and conferences. Publishes monthly magazine and newsletter.
National Association of Women Artists, 80 Fifth Avenuue, Suite 1405, New York, NY 10011,
URL: www.nawanet.org
Description: The oldest professional women’s fine arts group in the United States. Encourages the growth and development of women artists, and provides cultural and educational programs.
National Basketry Organization, Inc., P.O. Box 301927, Austin, TX 78703,
Email: info@nationalbasketry.org
URL: www.nationalbasketry.org
Description: A nonprofit organization dedicated to basketry. For basket makers, collectors, novice weavers, studio artists, and admirers of baskets. Sponsors an online gallery, conferences, and events.
National Endowment for the Arts, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20506,
URL: www.nea.gov
Description: A federal agency that supports America's cultural heritage, nurtures the expression of human creativity, supports the cultivation of community spirit, and fosters the recognition and appreciation of excellence and diversity in the nation's artists.
National Portrait Society, P.O. Box 11272, Tallahassee, FL 32302,
URL: www.portraitsociety.org
Description: A nonprofit organization founded to further the traditions of portraiture and figurative art. Sponsors workshops, conferences, competitions, and scholarships to attend educational events. Provides critique services and programs for women in the arts.
National Sculpture Society,
URL: www.nationalsculpture.org
Description: Publishes Sculpture Review, an online database of information of interest to sculptors. Publishes Sculpture Review and a bimonthly newsletter. Also provides members with information on grants, awards, and competitions.
National Women's Caucus for Art, P.O. Box 1498, New York, NY 10013,
Email: info@nationalwca.com
URL: www.nationalwca.com
Description: Represents the professional and economic concerns of women artists, art historians, educators, writers, and museum professionals. Sponsors conferences and exhibitions.
National Wood Carvers Association, P.O. Box 43218, Cincinnati, OH 45243,
URL: www.chipchats.org
New York Foundation for the Arts, 20 Jay Street, 7th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201,
URL: www.nyfa.org
Description: Sponsors national arts information programs and works with artists nationally and in New York.
Photographic Resource Center at Boston University, 832 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215,
Email: info@prcboston.org
URL: www.bu.edu/prc
Description: Provides a range of programs and services for photographers, journalists, critics, curators, students, and other individuals and organizations interested in photography.
Society for Photographic Education, 2530 Superior Avenue, #403, Cleveland, OH 44114,
URL: www.spenational.org
Description: Provides a forum for the discussion of photography and related media as a means of creative expression and cultural insight. Sponsors publications, services, and interdisciplinary programs.
Society of American Mosaic Artists (The), P.O. Box 624, Ligonier, Pennsylvania 15658-0624,
URL: www.americanmosaics.org
Description: A non-profit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and promoting excellence in fine mosaic art. Organizes an annual conference and exhibition, and sponsors a newsletter.
Surface Design Association, P.O. Box 360, Sebastopol, CA 95473-0360,
Email: info@surfacedesign.org
URL: www.surfacedesign.org
Description: A national membership organization for artists involved in surface design, including textiles, weavings, quilts, and other forms of fiber art. Publishes Surface Design Journal.
UrbanGlass, 126 13th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215,
Email: info@urbanglass.org
URL: www.urbanglass.org
Description: Dedicated to promoting the use of glass as a medium for creative endeavors in art, craft and design.
Women's Caucus for Art, P.O. Box 1498, Canal Street Station, New York, NY 10013,
URL: www.nationalwca.org
Description: Sponsors exhibitions, conferences, and a newsletter.

Web Sites are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Title: ArtWomen.org
Description: A site devoted to information and exchange of information pertaining to visual art and feminist cultural production across and between disciplines and geographical boundaries. Provides news, art reviews, book reviews, exhibition opportunities, and other career-related opportunities for women artists.
Email: artwomen@artwomen.org
URL: www.artwomen.org
Title: Women Environmental Artists Directory
Description: Sponsors a website devoted to providing information about the art fields of ecoart and social justice.
Email: weadartists@gmail.com
URL: www.weadartists.org