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Organizations are listed in alphabetical order by name.
American Print Alliance (The), 302 Larkspur Turn, Peachtree City, GA 30269-2210,
Email: director@printalliance.org
URL: www.printalliance.org
Description: Nonprofit alliance of artists' organizations involved in printmaking.
Boston Printmakers, c/o The Art Institute of Boston, Lesley University, 700 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215,
URL: www.bostonprintmakers.org
Description: Membership awarded by jury.
Honolulu Printmakers, c.o Honolulu Museum Art School, Honolulu, HI 98614,
URL: www.honoluluprintmakers.org
Description: Membership organization. Publishes a newsletter and sponsors exhibitions, workshops and classes.
International Print Center New York, 508 West 26th Street, Room 5A, New York, NY 10001,
URL: www.ipcny.org
Description: A nonprofit institution devoted solely to the exhibition and understanding of historical and contemporary fine art prints. Publishes the IPCNY Directory of North American Print Workshops online.
Londonprintstudio, 425 Harrow Road, London W104RE, United Kingdom,
Email: info@londonprintstudio.org.uk
URL: www.londonprintstudio.org.uk
Description: A nonprofit organization that provides services to artists and the public, including exhibitions and educational programs, open-access to printmaking facilities, and digital services. Also has a summer residency program.
Los Angeles Printmaking Society,
URL: www.laprintmakers.com
Description: Sponsors exhibitions, publications, catalogs, and special programs.
Lower East Side Printshop, Inc. (The), 306 W. 37th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10018,
Email: info@printshop.org
URL: printshop.org
Description: A not-for-profit contemporary art and printmaking center. Offers professional workspace, residencies, and educational opportunities to artists at all career levels.
Mid America Print Council,
URL: www.midamericaprintcouncil.org
Description: Membership organization. Sponsors exhibitions, publications, and educational programs.
Monotype Guild of New England, P. O. Box 134, Sharon, MA 02064,
URL: www.mgne.org
Description: Dedicated to furthering the art of monotype and monprint thorugh education, exhibitions, seminars, and workshops. Open to all New England artists.
Pittsburgh Print Group,
URL: www.pittsburghprintgroup.com
Description: Affiliated with the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Provides vehicles for local printmakers to exhibit and sell through work. Sponsors educational programs.
Print Arts Northwest, 17677 NW Springville Road, Portland, OR 97229,
URL: www.printartsnw.org
Description: Formerly the Northwest Print Council. Juried membership organization for printmakers throughout the Northwest United States & Canada. Sponsors a newsletter and other programs.
Print Center (The), 1614 Latimer Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103,
Email: info@printcenter.org
URL: www.printcenter.org
Description: Sponsors exhibitions, workshops, and residencies.
Printmaking Council of New Jersey,
URL: www.printnj.org
Description: Nonprofit membership organization that sponsors exhibitions, and educational and studio rental programs.

Publications are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Title: Complete Printmaker (The): Techniques, Traditions, Innovations
Author/Editor: John Ross and Contributions by Clare Romano and Tim Ross
Description: Revised. Practical, nuts-and-bolts information gleaned from the author's 35 years of teaching and printmaking. Considered and Printmaking Bible.
Publisher: Free Press
Publication Date: 1991
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Title: Fine Artist's Career Guide (The): Making Money in the Arts and Beyond
Author/Editor: Daniel Grant
Description: Revised edition. See section "Developing a Print Market."
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 2004
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Title: Guide to Printmaking, Papermaking & Bookarts Workshops in Canada and the United States
Description: An online Guide available free to subscribers of Contemporary Impressions. Updated on an ongoing basis.
Publisher: The American Print Alliance
Publication Date:
Publisher's Address: The American Print Alliance, 302 Lakespur Turn, Peachtree City, GA 30269,
URL: www.printalliance.org/library/li_workshops.html
Title: How to Profit from the Art Print Market
Author/Editor: Barney Davey
Description: Revised. Written to help artists understand the world of prints. Covers a wide range of issues, including the economics of self-publishing, examples of successful self-published artists, finding and working with a publisher, marketing and selling self-published prints, and more.
Publisher: Bold Star Communications
Publication Date: 2011
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Title: Mastering Digital Printing: The Photographerís and Artistís Guide to High-Quality Digital Output
Author/Editor: Harald Johnson
Description: A guide to mastering the art of digital printmaking. Includes instructions in the latest digital printing techniques. Written for photographers, and digital and traditional artists.
Publisher: Muska & Lipman
Publication Date: 2002
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Title: Monotype: Mediums and Methods for Painterly Printmaking
Author/Editor: Julia Ayres
Description: Covers a brief history of monotype, a comprehensive chapter on materials, and step-by-step instructions are accompanied by examples of monotype prints.
Publisher: Watson Guptill Publications
Publication Date: 2001
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Title: Printmaking: A Compete Guide to Materials and Processes
Author/Editor: Beth Grabowski and Bill Fick
Description: Covers the fundamental printmaking techniques including relief, intaglio, collagraph, lithography, screen print and monoprint. The book outlines current practices in the contemporary print studio, including integrating digital processes with all techniques. In addition to technical information, the book explores the processes and functions of print media that inform the very strategy of art-making. It considers the "how" and the "why" of printmaking as an artistic practice.
Publisher: Pearson Publishing
Publication Date: 2009
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Title: Printmaking: History and Process
Author/Editor: Donald Saff and Deli Sacilotto
Description: An encyclopedia of information on printmaking, including "how-to" and the history and development.
Publisher: International Thomson Publishing
Publication Date: 1997
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Title: Printworld Directory. Contemporary Prints & Prices
Author/Editor: Edited by Selma Smith
Publisher: Printworld International, Inc.
Publication Date: 2013
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Periodicals are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Title: Contemporary Impressions
Description: Includes articles, reviews, and interviews related to printmaking.
Frequency: Bi-Annually
Publisher: The American Print Alliance
Publisher's Address: The American Print Alliance, 302 Larkspur Turn, Peachtree City, GA 30269-2210,
Email: director@printalliance.org
URL: www.printalliance.org
Title: InformArt Magazine
Description: Provides information about market values of limited edition prints.
Publisher: Weston Publishing Company
Publisher's Address: Weston Publishing Company, P.O. Box 147, Easton, CT 06612,
URL: www.informartmag.com
Title: Printmaking Today
Description: Devoted to contemporary international printmaking, including reviews, interviews, information and resources. Published in the UK.
Publisher: Cello Press Ltd
Publisher's Address: Printmaking Today, Cello Press Limited, Office G18 Spinners Court, 55 West End, Witney, Oxon OX28 1NH, UK,
URL: www.cellopress.co.uk

Web Sites are listed in alphabetical order by title.
Title: Baren Woodcut Forum
Description: An information exchange organization for woodblock printmaking.
URL: www.barenforum.org
Title: Fine Art Giclee Printers
Description: A giclee information site sponsored by FLAAR, a nonprofit organization that has prepared several reports about various printers, including tips, product comparisons, reviews, evaluations, and more.
URL: www.fineartgicleeprinters.org
Title: Giclee Information
Description: Devoted to information about giclees, including marketing, and criterian for selecting a printer.
URL: www.giclee-information.org
Title: International Print Center New York Directory of North American Print Workshops.
Description: Contains contact information and indicates whether a workshop does publishing, contract printing, cooperative opportunities for artists, classes, media specialization, and description of on-site facilities.
URL: www.ipcny.org/info/workshops/Frameset_Workshops.htm
Title: Printeresting
Description: A blog devoted to news, reviews, technology and critical discourse related to all types of fine art prints.
URL: www.printeresting.org
Title: Technical Articles on Printmaking
Description: Sponsored by the Print Alliance
URL: www.printalliance.org/resources/re_tech.html
Title: Woodblock
Description: Forum for woodblock printmakers that includes information on tools, materials, suppliers, technical tips, information exchange, and printmakerís Web sites.
URL: www.woodblock.com.